Welcome to Proyecto Social Aron , a foundation committed to the mission of providing comprehensive support to various shelters for children (Albergue S hama de SJL), adolescent mothers (Albergue Villa Vida center for adolescent mothers of Villa El Salvador) in Lima and also to different foundations such as ( Children of the Rainbow Foundation , League Against Cancer and the Ronald Mc Donald House).

Our organization is born from the firm purpose of building a country where each person, regardless of their situation, has access to good living conditions and opportunities for a better future.


At Proyecto Social Aron , we are dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to shelters and foundations in Peru. We seek to create a long-term positive impact, promoting equality, education and social well-being.


Comprehensive Support: We provide comprehensive assistance to shelters, covering areas such as food, health, education and community development.

Building Alliances: We establish strategic alliances with other organizations, companies and the government to maximize our impact and generate sustainable solutions.

Awareness: We promote social awareness about the situation of the most vulnerable in Peru, seeking to raise awareness among the population and generate empathy towards those who need it most.


Commitment: We are committed to the cause and dedicate our resources and efforts to achieve a significant impact.

Transparency: We operate with transparency in all our activities, guaranteeing the trust of our donors and beneficiaries.

Inclusivity : We value diversity and work to ensure that all people, regardless of their background or situation, have access to equal opportunities.

Join us:

At Aron Social Project , we believe in the power of solidarity and collective action. We invite individuals, companies and organizations to join our cause, collaborating to build a more just and supportive Peru.

Together, we can make a difference and offer greater possibilities for those who need it most in our beautiful country!